Sunday, October 25, 2009

Making posters - Rasterbator & Picasa

Seaghan Moriarty demonstrated Rasterbator (careful how you say that in class) at the CESI conference a couple of years ago. It is an online application to generate posters from a photograph. Go to the website and click "Rasterbate Online" (stop sniggering). The site turns your photo into a pdf file of a series of rasterised pages you can print on a standard A4 printer. The pages form a jigsaw of your photograph that you can put together on a wall.

Another way to generate a poster is with Picasa. Picasa is a free tool from Google to manage and edit Photographs. It links with their photo album website service. There are lots of things you can do with Picasa and one I was playing with today is generating posters. The posters generated are basically enlargements of the original photograph so the quality will be higher than a rasterbated poster but will also use more ink.

The screen capture videos for this were done with the new version of quicktime that comes with Snow Leopard. Pretty easy to use.

Update - Another online poster maker suggestion from Ban Ryan -